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About us

With over 20 years of experience in the tech outsourcing sector, The Sourcing Hub comprises a team of experts who know about outsourcing and the potential challenges associated with bringing in external software development support. We know the market and we have worked with many of the leading tech outsourcing firms around the world, so we know how to get the best from these companies and how they could impact your business in the best possible way.


What we do

The Sourcing Hub helps UK startups, scaleups, established businesses and enterprises, across a range of industry sectors, work with the right outsourcing partner specific to their business.

We do this through our portfolio of (35+) European software services partners with whom we match up to the UK firms based on specific criteria including:

– Technology stack

– Business vertical domain

– Desired commercial model

– Geographic location

– Company culture

– Budget and timescales

We match you with the right partner and manage you through that engagement process.

It’s simple and saves you a huge amount of time going through the painstaking beauty parade of potential partners because we have done all of that for you.   

So, whether you are looking to plug a specific skills gap, or scale your resource pool and increase speed-to-market in the most flexible and cost-effective way, we can help ensure you find a partner for long term success. 


Our partners

All of our 35+ partners are established businesses from Croatia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria, Czech Republic, Belarus, Macedonia, Albania and Hungary.

All our partners are special and have all been through a thorough vetting and onboarding process. Before any company joins our portfolio they must pass a due diligence process that will ensure we can confidently promote their services within the UK region. First we vet their physical premises and meet the owners/management. They will then need to go through a series of ‘hoops’ such as:

Once they can show these, we enter in to an exclusive relationship whereby we have the rights to represent them in the UK as business development partners.

“We needed to scale our tech team quickly, and could not find the right people fast enough so considered outsourcing. The team at The Sourcing Hub were able to manage this whole process for us and we have now been working very successfully with our Ukranian partner for over 12 months”



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